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sinds 1986

UBN: 6876630
RVO: 222347881

Janny & Wim de Groot
Stadhoudersdijk 21
5165 RG Waspik
M. 0031(0) 622 777 600
E. wim@cymabresjeva-barsois.eu

Cymabresjeva Barsois sinds 1986



We, Janny and Wim de Groot, are great dog lovers. During a visit to a dog show in 1982 we really learnt about the Barsoi for the first time. I was totally crazy about them. Janny in fact likes every dog.

The Barsois are especially my passion. I looked for descriptions, articles and other documentation about the Barsoi. I started reading, asked here and there for more information. And finally the ´´big´´ moment came. I bought my first Barsoi; Janinka von Kimcha, a bitch. In 1983 I became a member of the Nederlandse Barsoi Cub. During a visit to a kennel which had a litter, I bought 3 pups at the same time. Proydah, Djerba and Shira. Oh, it was so beautiful to see these three grow up. And even that wasn´t enough because with Djerba I wanted to breed a litter myself.

In 1986 my kennel name Cymabresjeva was registered. Perhaps Cymabresjeva seems a strange name, but there is a story behind it. We have three daughters, CYnthia , MAriska and BREnda and we put "sjeva" at the end of it. In 1986 our first litter was born with Cymabresjeva Ayac and Cymabresjeva Ashka.

At the end of the 80´s we met the French Barsoikennel Az Aftab Faizabad of Mr. Vannier and Mr. Dry. This resulted in a very good collaboration with  best known Barsois:as  Hatinka Az Aftab Faizabad, Javidov Az Aftab Faizabad, Oriana Az Aftab Faizabad and th S-Litter of which most of the Barsois became champions: Sybelle, Sonia, Slavina and Sabine Az Aftab Faizabad.

Every now and then we breed a litter. Before that we calculate very carefully which combinations of parents are most suitable for this goal. All pups out of a litter have a name begining by the same letter. Therefore the choices of names follow in alphabetical order. All pups born in our kennel have Cymabresjeva in front of their name.

Wim de Groot

Cymabresjeva Barsois

In 1982 the Barsoi's came into my life, then in 1983 I became a member of the Dutch Borsoi Club. Have been breeding Barsois for 36 years now and try to maintain the type I want.
In 1986 the first litter was born, the A litter. From 1989 we worked together with the French Barsoi kennel, Az Aftab Faizabad of Mr. Jean René Vannier and Mr. Igor Dry , this collaboration was very successful. We have had a World Champion, a Vice World Champion, Junior World Champions and International Champions in our kennel. In addition, champions in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Latvia.
Through all these activities we have made many friends and acquaintances through half of Europe.
Of course all devoted to the Borsoi.

Wim de Groot


Cymabresjeva Barsois a healthy and social. You can recognise Cymabresjeva Barsois by their aristocratic presence and their beautiful heads full of expression.

Cymabresjeva Barsois still have the old "Bergland" blood in their veins. You can recognise the Bergland Barsoi at once. They are very noble and have beautiful coats. For me, this is still the ideal Barsoi. My goal is to save these genes and pass them on through future generations.

To have champions  can be a big fun. Because it proves that others persons and judges like your Barsois too. But more important is the daily association with every individual Barsoi. To meet that self-confident and yet affectionate personalities. That very special character that  cannot be found in any other breed. That is a real joy, every day again ...

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